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The Force Awakens on Skellig Michael, Dingle Bay, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Mick Sheeran


The Force Awakens

Captain Whales Galore and his First Mate Lulu the boat dog of Blasket Islands EcoMarineTours on the dolphin and whale watching boat M.V. "Blasket Princess" have spent a lot of time since the dolphin and whale watching season in Ireland ended at the end of October 2015 sitting on the couch - but not Lulu who sits on the red woven woolly mat in front of the fire - drinking tea (preferably Barry's tea) and wondering about Time and Space and other galactic imponderables.

Some people may call this apparent lack of all movement and apparent absent minded preoccupation as day dreaming but day dreaming is a result of idleness and laziness combined with lack of mental stimulation whereas Lulu and Captain Whales Galore in their quest for a meaning of the twin imponderables of Time and Space see themselves as astral travellers and their mission to bring back something from their travels to show that the real voyages and the most meaningful ones are the ones that you construct and project in your head which may in time be proven to have a universal source and which are the only real way to come close to knowing the Meaning of Life or the life Force that starts and keeps life in perpetual motion.

Their quest takes them out of the realms of reality, time and space to a truly alien world where even concepts like history, culture, religion, fashion, money or politics appear as mere pegs to support countless generations of climbers as they scramble for meaning on a timeless and limitless ice cliff which the time and space travellers leave far below them.

The Method is to sit comfortably, preferably as above with a strong cup of Barry's tea as rocket fuel for your mind, and blank your mind to everything except Time and Space, the twin imposters. If you truly blank your mind to Time and Space there is a good chance that the mindscape you encounter will not be dissimilar to that experienced by thousands or millions or billions of others who have set out or will set out on this journey after reading this blog.

Sometime in the future it is presumed that these individual mindscapes can be projected onto a virtual screen when it can be proved that their universal similarity to each other proves the existence of the prototype. In this galactic world there is only light and non light or light and un light. Light is force and non light or un light is matter. Matter is either inert or live matter and the boundaries are often hard to distinguish. If we can say that live matter has movement or the potential of movement either internally or externally then obviously everything from a meteor to dust moving in space to a blade of grass; from a moving cloud or the ocean to a breathing human being has life and all possess the same life. There is no inferior or superior life. If  there is movement or change even of chemical structure there is life. Our methods of classifying life are merely indicative of our lack of understanding of the true nature of life. There is life in the boiling centre of the earth and even at the dark depths of the ocean where no light penetrates but from where the  next form of life may emerge when the atmosphere and the light of the earth are gone and these chemo-synthesising life forms (unlike photosynthesising life forms) which form on the boundaries of existence are already gathering for this great event.

Here it is necessary to put this idea in a formula or equation to try and explain the principle of this Life Force which may go some way towards explaining the Meaning of Life which after all is the reason that Lulu and Captain Whales Galore set out on this virtual voyage in the first place!

May the Life Force be with You!

L (ight) = t (ime) + s (pace)

           = light + non light (matter)

           = 0n + M

where M = m1 + m2

L = 0n + m1 + m2

where m1 = inert matter and m2 = live matter

L = 0n + 0n ± 1n

where 1" is recurring and can never become 0 because

L = 0n + 0n + 0n is meaningless


1n"  is equally repelled and attracted to 0 by an equal and opposite force but can never become 0


L = (0n + 0n) ± 1n  

L  = 0± 1n       [but since there is a possibility that L could be obliterated by Dark Matter including Dark Matter encircling, enclosing or containing our universe; or lost / sucked into a Black Hole at the end or at the extremities or at the centre of the universe; therefore to make L universal and with the potential dynamic to recreate itself in other universes and beyond Time and Space]

Life Force L = ( 0n ± 1n  ) n       © Captain Whales Galore    

* Play beautiful audio video "Our Place in the Cosmos" (in the left hand column) here

note: 0n is a valid number and it is not meaningless but indicates the infinity of nonexistence and it is the tension between the infinity of nonexistence 0n and the limitless potential for life, that is 1n,  that creates the Life Force.

In words, this tension could be equated to the limitless and infinite vibrations of the existent and non existent universes which eventually and inevitably collide and create meaning and life from the interplay of chords. [ In fact as we know it is harder  to imagine chaos and discord than it is to imagine order and design, as the universe and our minds can show us both. We know there is an existence because we exist -"cogito, ergo est" rather than "cogito, ergo sum"- even as a thought; or as continually replicating receptors on the periphery of a vast sensory interplanetary being; or merely as plays or moves in a game spanning many galaxies played by sentient being(s) or entity(s)..]

There is so much more for Lulu and Captain Whales Galore to explore!!!]

Time and Space Travellers

There is a possibility that although this formula for the Life Force or for the Meaning of Life rings true some of the workings along the way may have been lost as a person from Bally-beyond came knocking on the door just as Captain Whales Galore and lulu had figured out the Meaning of Life and the secret of the Life Force from their 00001 astral voyage and the person began talking about some appointment or other in earth time before all the recollected correct details were entered in the log from their astral travelling. If you have any idea where the relevant correction can be made we would love to hear from you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you press the BOOK TOUR button on our home page we can continue this conversation during the summer on one of our afternoon tours. 

The exploration of the Nature of Reality when undertaken (rarely) is more exciting, we think, than the inventions of Fantasy. The answers to simple questions of existence are often very complex and possibly inexplicable and the answers to complicated questions of Time and Space are often very simple. 

Please note we do not do any astral travelling tours during the summer months (long wet dark winters only) when Captain Whales Galore and his First Mate Lulu are busy bringing passengers on their world famous dolphin and whale watching tours around the Blaskets and out as far as the Skelligs, Co. Kerry, Ireland S.W.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Captain Whales Galore    11:00 hrs.      16.12.2015

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